søndag den 31. januar 2010

Human cannonball (7 week project)

This is the culmination of the first 3,5 month on the bachelor in Cg artist.

A 7 week project where we had to develop a 3d character and background who fitted the description “Circus Freak” I had several ideas but quickle decided on my character “The human cannonball” He works in a low budget circus who has no money to see to that a vet puts the old animals down, so the animals instead retire with a bang! Here I will show my workflow from sketch to 3d composition and final render:

Week 37 Exquisite Corpse with Julia Bracegirdle

This week, we experimentet with alternative ways of generating ideas by throwing paint on paper and drawing characters from the splashes, and putting characters together from different bodyparts that we cut out from pictures from the internet or took from a database. The characters we made where based on a childrens story called “Brave little Molly” The outcome from my work, where not really children oriented, and my approach to the subject was to create some really wild and bizarre creatures that would catch interest of an older audience. The week culminated in making a model of one of our characters, but hey! Enough talk, lets see what I came up with: Brave Little Molly: The monster: The model of the monster I made: I even made a 3d model of the creature wich I made a small animation with:

The first weeks on the Cg-artist education with Sunith Parekh.

The first two weeks our class was split into groups, where we had on week to make a short movie based on a quote. We had to rely on each others previous work experience and chip in with what we each know about making movies, character design, sound, etc. I made sound, animation and background design for the movie. This is the result:

The admission portfolio made at open workshop.

First I would like to present the art that got me in to the bachelor in Cg-artist, at the animation workshop. It took me six weeks to draw, colour, and put it together.
I made the portfolio at the open workshop at the animation workshop.

I was really privileged to be able to make my portfolio at the open workshop, since I was sorruonded by creative and professional artist, who help’t me with both creative advise and good vibes. I was so inspired and the ideas flowed trough me as if I was unstoppable, it was so amazing to feel such an intense feeling of ideas that just would not stop popping up. I literally had to have a notebook laying beside the bed at night, since I would wake up (Or not be able to fall asleep) because of the excitement and ideas that roamed my head. It was 6 weeks that made me feel reborn.

Anyway, the portfolio consists of drawings in both colour and pencils in different subjects:

1.Character designs
These drawing must show characters of your own original design. They ought to vary in personality as well. These drawing should be done in color.

2. Background drawings
These drawings can range from concept sketches to finished back ground layouts, representing a location where a scene of action/acting could take place.

3. Storytelling
A sequence of drawings that visually tells a story or a sequence of events.

4. Life drawings
The drawings should show proper anatomy, size proportions, understanding of shape, body dynamics and weight of the figure.

5. Freestyle
some interesting and imaginative drawings. That represents the style in which you like to draw in your free time.